Hyalite CrossFit is a functional fitness training facility located just west of Bozeman in Four Corners.  We pride ourselves in the strength of our community, which drives us all to improve ourselves daily.  We utilize CrossFit’s core idea of “Constantly varied functional fitness executed at high intensity” to challenge our most competitive athletes within the same classes as our beginners.

At Hyalite CrossFit, we have dedicated ourselves to honoring and supporting every individual who currently serves or has ever served in any capacity within our armed forces.  We are always with you, and we are profoundly excited to be able to give something back through this competition.

It is with great pleasure that we have partnered up with TACTIC in order to coordinate Battle for Quiet Waters to raise money for Warriors and Quiet Waters.  If you are not familiar with WQW, we have provided links so that you can understand the incredible work they are doing to help our injured veterans and their families.

Anyone interested in learning more about Hyalite CrossFit can follow the links in the Contact Us section.  We would love to meet you.  Additionally, we look forward to working with you to show our injured veterans how deeply we care about each and every one of them.


Website: www.hyalitecrossfit.com

Phone: (406) 672-7476

Email: brittney.martello914@gmail.com or Huebner.eric@gmail.com

Location: 252 Shepherd Trail, Unit C & D Bozeman, MT, 59718